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Liz Dominguez is the managing editor for EnsembleIQ's RIS News and CGT brands, reporting on the latest breaking news in the retail and consumer goods space and helping today's business leaders retain the competitive edge in their respective areas.



Petco Streamlines Loyalty Under Two-Tier Vital Care Program

Petco Health and Wellness, Inc. is streamlining its loyalty services, bringing over 24 million subscribers under a single, two-tier Vital Care offering.

Optimizing Returns Is Key to Revenue Retention

Here are a few ways retailers and brands can make returns a competitive advantage that helps them acquire and retain customers, while building loyalty.

ChatGPT, TikTok & DraftKings: 4 CPGs Getting Creative for Super Bowl 2023

These are the four standout brands that are supplementing their Super Bowl commercials with engaging, digitally-focused campaigns.

Pacsun Names Brie Olson Co-CEO as Alfred Chang Steps Down

Pacsun is shifting its leadership structure, naming Pacsun’s president and board member Brie Olson, the company’s new co-CEO, leading alongside Mike Relich.

Dollar Tree Names Rick Dreiling New CEO

The company recently announced shifts to its leadership team, with Mike Witynski, previously CEO since 2020, stepping down. Learn about his replacement.

Escaping Retail Irrelevance: How The Container Store Is Transforming Its Customer Journey

Differentiation in today’s chaotic and must-be-everywhere-all-at-once commerce environment is difficult to nail down. How can brands break through the noise? Learn how The Container Store is achieving this.

Lowe’s Busts Through Data Silos With Digital Twin Traffic-Tracking Avatars

While digital twin technology has been implemented in the retail industry for years, many CPG and retail brands are just now beginning to understand the true potential, unlocking their transformative ability to leverage data in new ways.

2023 Retail Trends: Video Emerging Leader in Tech Innovation and Retailers to Double Down on Data and Digital Literacy

What does 2023 hold for us? Expert consultants, analysts, and vendors from across the retail industry shed light on what retail can expect in this new year.

Amazon Expands Buy With Prime to U.S.-Based Brands, Nixes Invitation-Only Model

Amazon’s exclusive Buy With Prime service is no longer by invitation only. The company will be expanding it to all eligible U.S.-based brands by the end of the month.

The Home Depot and Chipotle Amplify Loyalty in 2023 With Expanded Benefits

Two retailers, The Home Depot and Chipotle, have recently expanded their own membership programs in an effort to grow their relationships.