Mondelez's Maria Macuare to Answer the Question 'Is Your Analytics Team Prepared to Accelerate?'

Jamie Grill-Goodman
Editor in Chief
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Analytic capabilities are advancing at breakneck speed, and retailers and consumer goods organizations need to stay agile, constantly adapting and reinventing their analytical teams to maximize this evolution fully.

You may wonder, “Is Your Analytics Team Prepared to Accelerate?” To answer this question, Maria Macuare Larez, VP IBS Global Data & Analytics, Mondelez, will lead a session at Analytics Unite: The Summit for Retail and Consumer Brands, happening in person June 21-23 at the Drake Hotel in Chicago. The Summit is RIS and CGT’s premier networking and education event featuring first-hand intelligence and inspiration from thought-leaders and industry peers.

This year, we focus on the theme of Accelerating Growth, Talent, and Innovation. Organizational structures and roles that were cutting edge just a few years ago have become antiquated. A skill set that only belonged to a few has been democratized and permeated into every corner of the organizations. Maria will answer what's the needed type of leadership to guide teams into this exciting future.

Maria joined Mondelez International in 2021 as their Chief Data Officer, Vice President of Data and Analytics. Her mission is to drive Mondelez International transformation into an intelligent data-driven enterprise accelerating business value. She has spent her entire career in the Data and Analytics field, expanding 20-plus years, where she has worked and lived in 5 different countries, and has experience driving transformative Data and Analytics programs in both the most developed and fastest developing markets in the world. She has passion for growing talent in this field and creating highly effective Data and Analytics teams.

What You Can Expect at Analytics Unite

After two years as a virtual event, we’re finally able to return to an in-person format, featuring the networking and education opportunities that the retailer and consumer goods industries have been missing.

“The Retail and consumer goods markets are evolving at supersonic speeds, and organizations must grow fast, innovate faster, and quickly secure and nurture the most talented data and analytics professionals — or risk being left in the dust,” said Albert Guffanti, vice president, group publisher, Consumer Goods Technology and Retail Information Systems News.

“This year’s Analytics Unite gathering will explore how retail and consumer goods organizations can innovate at speed and operate with creativity while growing the bottom line and separating themselves from the competition,” Guffanti added.

Keynote speaker Nicole Nelson, most recently SVP of Data & Analytics, Best Buy, will explore the main theme of the event — Accelerating Growth, Talent, and Innovation — and highlight how Best Buy accelerated operations to meet changing market demands and where it is placing big future bets. 

“The pandemic has been an extraordinary opportunity for businesses to use data and analytics to help them navigate ambiguity and pivot quickly. This conference is the moment where we can share what we have learned and architect strategies together to truly make analytics and AI a core strategic function at every company,” said Nelson.

Hear From Industry Thought Leaders

Check out the full agenda and register now to be part of the event!

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