New World of Retail Webinar Series

Retail is changing at an unprecedented rate and retailers must adjust on the fly to ensure they continue to meet demand. This webinar series explores the current state of retail and where the industry is headed in both the short- and long-term.

Holiday Hangover 2021: Are You Ready for the Next-Gen Consumer?

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With Cyber Monday in the rear-view mirror, will you be able to handle the great post-holiday gift exchange? As customers increasingly make purchases outside of brick-and-mortar stores, the growing complexity of meeting their demands is poised to wreak havoc on supply chains. Join us to hear Matt Laukaitis, Global Manager of Consumer Industries at SAP, share how best-run retailers are managing inventory and fulfillment to meet customers’ expectations and keep their loyalty.

Matt Laukaitis - Global Manager of Consumer Industries, SAP

Kara Lutley Reed | Solution Management, NA GTM Lead - Retail IBU, SAP

Finding Talent to Represent Your Brand: How to Successfully Attract and Recruit Gen Z and Millennials

Date: February 8 at 2 PM ET

High unemployment rates and shortages of qualified employees are hot topics in the retail industry. In fact, research predicts that retailers will continue to struggle to find staff well into 2022. But while having the ability to attract and train talent is one challenge, attracting and training the next generation of workers – Gen Z and Millennials – is another. How can your brand demonstrate its commitment to the values and transparency these candidates require? Join us to explore best practices for connecting, attracting, and recruiting next-gen talent.


Karen Milone, Solution Manager, Employee Engagement, Retail at SAP 
Robin Barrett Wilson, Industry Advisor, Retail at SAP

Resilient Planning for the New Retail Environment  

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Getting your inventory to the right locations – profitably – has become harder than ever. How can you bring more customer-centricity and science to the art of planning? And how can you determine which tools and technology will truly increase organizational efficiency and resiliency? Join this Webinar to learn how you can quickly sense planning deviations and diagnose situations in order to ensure you’re optimizing inventory, satisfying customers, maximizing revenue, and minimizing waste.

Jose Paredes Hernandez -  Global SAP Retail Leader, IBM 
Kristin Howell - Global VP of Retail, SAP
Jason Boyer - Chief Solution Owner, Predictive Planning, Industry Cloud, SAP 


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