Omnichannel Customer Service: Lessons from Retail Leaders


Shoppers want everything about their relationship with retailers and brands to be seamless across channels.  It’s not just the ability to buy anywhere, fulfill anyhow, 70% of consumers believe that a company is only as good as its customer service.  
Even as retailers aggressively enable omnichannel commerce and fulfillment experiences, omnichannel customer service lags behind. According to industry insights firm Incisiv, two in three shoppers are dissatisfied with continuity of customer service across digital channels.  
On Nov 11, 2021, we will host an interactive panel discussion with leading industry practitioners and experts during which we will explore:

  • Why the traditional linear path-to-purchase is dead, and how customer service is a critical component of the new lifecycle of engagement
  • What constitutes omnichannel customer service excellence, and which retailers and brands offer best-in-class service experience in their peer group
  • What key capabilities must retailers focus on, and where are  biggest gaps in data, processes and enabling technologies 
  • How AI and automation can deliver the empathy customers desire

Join us if these challenges and insights resonate, especially if you are exploring or actively pursuing the role of omnichannel customer service as part of a re-imagined customer experience for the next-normal. 



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