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How Adidas Manages Excess Inventory in Creative Ways


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Retailers are currently clinging onto record amounts of inventory – $732 billion in July 2022, up 21% from last year – according to U.S. Census research. Excessive inventory is never good for business. And yet, it’s a persistent problem for even the biggest brands. Looking ahead, supply chain disruptions combined with inflation look set to take an even bigger bite out of buying power. As businesses rush to clear unsold merchandise, retailers are looking for creative ways to right-level supply, bolster profits and better anticipate demand. But beyond markdowns and discounts, what can we do with excess inventory? 

Join Adidas, Zebra/Antuit, and RIS News, as we talk through the creative ways brands are turning the unfortunate reality of excess inventory into a loyalty-building opportunity. This exclusive 45-minute webinar will explore how tech investment strategies are helping businesses to clear their shelves, meet demand, and enter a new season unburdened by excess inventory.

In this webinar you will learn…

  • How to build a plan now to start the new year with cleaner inventory sheet 
  • How businesses are turning to tech in order to move unsold product 
  • How to leverage loyalty into clearing inventory


  • Paul Tips

    Director Product Ownership

  • Yogesh Kulkarni

    VP Product and Solution Strategy

  • Maia Jenkins

    RIS News