TouchCommerce Looks to Solve the Traditional Advertising ROI Conundrum

Attribution and ROI challenges in traditional advertising have long plagued the retail industry. Advertisers hope broadcast audiences and print readers will take action and connect either offline or online, but typically identifying specific traffic sources, not to mention cross-media tracking, continues to be an elusive effort.

TouchCommerce's newest solution, TouchMedia, enables large advertisers to transform their brand's media message into a rich, interactive conversation using personalized engagement tools. Designed to boost conversion and improve advertising attribution, TouchMedia provides brands with a means to seamlessly integrate live chat and personalized self-service options into their advertising efforts.

TouchMedia enables companies to offer a direct response and faster call to action for its target users by linking an offline advertising campaign, whether on television, radio, or print (newspapers, magazines, classifieds, billboards), to a digital engagement experience. TouchMedia allows the consumer to:
  • SMS a keyword to a short code or phone number, and receive back a link that opens a live chat session or other personalized customer engagement-enabled web page
  • Scan a QR code on a print ad and be redirected to a live chat session or other personalized customer engagement-enabled web page
  • Use an audio identification app (e.g., “Shazam”) on a television or radio ad and be redirected to a live chat session or other personalized customer engagement-enabled page
Through its innovative use of SMS, QR codes and audio identification mobile apps, the solution allows shoppers to instantly interact with brands on any media property outside of the brand's controlled environment, thereby enhancing the omnichannel shopping experience. Initially, TouchMedia will focus on increasing engagement and conversion for brands through traditional advertising platforms, such as television, radio, print publications, billboards, classified ads and similar. TouchMedia will also address the online advertising segment at a later date.

 "TouchMedia is not only an integral component of our omnichannel strategy but also aligns with our vision to move direct engagement capabilities upstream in the customer journey," said Bernard Louvat, president and CEO of TouchCommerce. "With TouchMedia, we enable consumers who want to learn more about an advertised product or service to start a personalized conversation with a brand on their smartphone. Every offline ad can now have a powerful call to action and cost-effective way to immerse offline ad viewers into a personalized and self-service digital experience."

On the back-end, the TouchCommerce RightTouch platform uses product information, prior browsing behavior (when available) and the company's patented web-based customer interface to present personalized content, either through the live chat session or an automated engagement tool, such as a mobile guide. If routed to a live expert, this information is sent to the agent at the start of the chat session. In addition to answering questions, the chat agent can provide the shopper with rich content, such as videos, coupons, guides, and surveys, as well as details about their local retail location, and more.