True Fit Reports 3X Growth Year Over Year

If True Fit's latest results are any indication, apparel and footwear retailers are getting serious about personalizing the online consumer experience.

If True Fit's latest results are any indication, apparel and footwear retailers are getting serious about personalizing the online consumer experience.

The data-driven personalization platform for apparel and footwear has tripled commercial growth year over year at the end of Q3, as its presence tops more than 200 major global retail sites.

True Fit hosts the industry’s most comprehensive data collective in the nearly $2 trillion global apparel and footwear industry — the largest consumer vertical — by connecting manufacturing design data from thousands of leading apparel and footwear brands, anonymized consumer order data from hundreds of top retailers, and personal preference data from tens of millions of registered True Fit users.

Using advanced AI technology, True Fit maps the detailed style, fit and technical attributes from clothes and shoes to the detailed preferences of millions of individual shoppers. This allows retailers and brands to provide consumers with unparalleled personalization via software-as-a-service, including personal style rankings, fit ratings, size recommendations, fit details, and merchandising analytics.

In parallel with True Fit’s tripling growth rate, its registered user base has seen substantial growth, surpassing 50 million registered users in 2017. True Fit expects five million additional users to join its community during the 2017 holiday shopping season. Further, new user growth has already doubled YoY during this year’s Cyber Five period, from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday. True Fit’s network of registered users represents the largest universal cohort of digital clothing and shoe shoppers across major retailers and brands. This confident cohort buys more and returns fewer items, driving a four to eight percent net incremental revenue lift to retailers in the collective network.

True Fit’s growth represents both retailer ambition for delivering personalized shopping experiences, as well as the power that connected data offers as a proven strategy.

“The footwear and apparel retail industry has reached an exhilarating tipping point. Consumers are shopping online in droves, and retailers are engaging with urgency to personalize their experience and win this vertical,” said William R. Adler, CEO. “This data collective allows retailers and brands, as well as an entire ecosystem of software providers, to combine their strength and leverage powerful, data-driven software to drive up results across the board. A massive virtuous circle has formed here with big benefits for retailers, brands, and consumers.”

“We dramatically improve a person’s chances of success anytime they’re making a decision related to apparel and footwear,” said Romney Evans, co-founder. “So whether you’re a consumer seeking style inspiration or you just need an extra shot of confidence that the item you fell in love with online will actually fit you in real life, True Fit can help. If you’re a marketer, merchandiser, sales associate, or clothing designer aiming to delight consumers in a way that is relevant and personal, True Fit’s Genome® Platform can help.“

True Fit is integrating its core Confidence Engine® and Discovery Engine® across every touchpoint to help retailers further personalize experiences for browse, search, email marketing, retargeting, in-store clienteling, chatbots and more.

Moreover, True Fit added to its suite of solutions and applications in 2017, giving retail clients more measurable results:

  • Data and API integration for chatbot virtual stylists.
  • True Omni™: Integrates Confidence and Discovery into in-store clienteling applications.
  • True Fit Kids: Available for retailers that sell kids items in footwear sizes 4C to 7Y and apparel items ET to 20. This product is a unique version of Confidence, using newly developed algorithms to make size recommendations for children.
  • Shop for Others: Extends the power of True Fit’s engines beyond the individual by allowing each user to create additional profiles for friends and family so that they can toggle between seeing recommendations for themselves and their loved ones. For retailers whose end customer is not always its shopper, this allows for personalized gift buying online.
  • True Insight™: Gives retailers access to unparalleled insights to optimize marketing, merchandising and product development. With this information, retailers have more visibility into returns, which they can use to improve product and customer decision-making.