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Alarice Rajagopal is senior editor of Consumer Goods Technology (CGT), an RIS News sister brand.



Meijer Teams For Virtual Tailgating

Dubbed “homegate,” the launch is expected to create more excitement this football season for consumers by leveraging an experiential e-commerce platform.

Zebra Technologies to Acquire

The acquisition is expected to accelerate Zebra’s Enterprise Asset Intelligence vision by expanding its growing retail and consumer packaged goods software portfolio.

3 Ways PepsiCo is Preparing for the Future Consumer and Generating Smiles

Many consumers know what PepsiCo is, and what it does, but they may not know why they do it. According to Jeff Swearingen, SVP-Demand Accelerator, PepLabs & GBS, “What I would tell them is that at PepsiCo, we really exist to create smiles.” Learn why.

The Future of Business Means Ditching 'Data Driven' and Being Data Empowered

The retail and consumer goods industries have endured a decade’s worth of disruption over the past year. The organizations nimble enough to adjust on the fly have set themselves up for prolonged success, while those unable or unwilling to meet the new reality head-on have faced dire consequences.

Yum! Brands’ Davies, Johnson to Open Analytics Unite on Future of Business

Cameron Davies and Clay Johnson of Yum! Brands will keynote Analytics Unite in a fireside chat to discover where the industries are headed, what it is going to take to emerge as a future leader, and the role analytics will play in building the future of business.

How Burberry’s Digital Transformation Is Driven By Consumer Experience

Burberry can’t predict the future, but it can build an agile, nimble architecture and culture to be ready for it. Here’s how.

Walgreens’ Mehra on Taking BOPIS from Zero to 9K Stores in Two Months

The retailer pivoted hard and fast during the pandemic as the emergence of the community pharmacy was transformed.

Data and Analytics At the Heart of Every Part of the Mondelez Business

Mondelez's CIO and chief data scientist explore how CGs can incorporate cognitive, predictive and prescriptive analytic strategies to supercharge the value change – especially in times of unprecedented demand.

The Imperative of AI in Retail: Finding the Most Value in Decisioning

RSR Research’s Brian Kilcourse, and Hypersonix’s Prem Kiran, talk how retailers and brands are successfully leveraging machine learning and AI across their enterprise value chain to drive profitable growth quickly in rapidly changing times.

Nestle’s Data-Driven and Cognitive Strategy is FAIR at its Foundation

FAIR is part of the framework for Nestle’s data strategy as outlined in an opening keynote session delivered by CIO Filippo Catalano and Chief Data Officer Francesco Marzoni, at Analytics Unite 2020: The Summit for Retail and Consumer Brands.