Hot Topic Streamlining Fulfillment With WMS Upgrade

a laptop computer sitting on top of a table

Hot Topic is upgrading its warehouse management system in order to support its growing omnichannel business.  

The retailer, which sell through the Hot Topic, BoxLunch and Her Universe brands and operates 700 stores and two fulfillment centers, has tapped Manhattan Associates for its Manhattan Active WMS. The cloud enterprise-class WMS is designed to offer order streaming, warehouse execution system (WES) functionality and more robust picking and packing capabilities, all expected to help Hot Topic streamline its fulfillment processes.

The WES functionality, in particular, is anticipated to simplify the process of adding and managing warehouse robots and automation to optimize product flow.

“Supporting our online growth and continuing our cloud-first initiatives were a major driving force behind the decision to upgrade to Manhattan Active Warehouse Management,” said Mike Yerkes, Hot Topic COO. “We’ve worked with Manhattan Associates for many years now and look forward to moving to its innovative, cloud-native and versionless solution.”

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