ShopRite Unveils Smart Grocery Pickup

This free-standing pod offers customers a new way of retrieving their online pickup orders.

ShopRite is the first grocer on the East Coast to unveil the new QuickCollect GO! POD, where shoppers can pick up their online ShopRite grocery orders from a temperature controlled outdoor pickup pod for a fast and easy, contactless self-service pickup experience.

The QuickCollect GO! POD is a smart grocery retrieval system that can hold ambient, refrigerated and frozen foods, and customers’ entire grocery orders are available for pickup in one solution. This free-standing pod, now available at the ShopRite of New Rochelle, offers customers convenience for retrieving their online pickup orders. The store is located at 8 Palmer Ave., New Rochelle, NY.

“The QuickCollect GO! POD will make it even easier for our shoppers at the New Rochelle store to pick up their online orders,” said Steve Savas, president, Shop-Rite Supermarkets, Inc. (SRS), which operates ShopRite stores in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the Hudson Valley and Capital Region in New York. “It’s self-checkout and pickup for online orders that’s done right outside the store.  We are excited to be the first grocer on the East Coast with this technology.”

The QuickCollect GO! POD revolutionizes online pickup with robotic automation that allows secure delivery and retrieval of online orders anytime. The first totes start dispensing to the guest in under one minute, reducing the wait time for customers picking up their online orders.

Developed by Bell and Howell, a leading provider of automated e-commerce pickup solutions, the QuickCollect GO! POD  uses next-generation automation, and intelligent software to ready orders placed at for pickup. The QuickCollect GO! POD  keeps orders safe and secure until the customer picks them up with their unique pickup code. When items are ready, customers receive a text containing a QR code to scan on the console screen, which brings the order to the customer pickup portal, allowing them to access their pre-ordered groceries.

The intuitive interface and consumer-focused designs facilitate contactless, fast and easy experiences. Innovations like the QuickCollect GO! POD are key in driving trend progression and providing customers the convenience they expect from e-commerce.

“Retailers like ShopRite recognize that consumer convenience and fulfillment efficiency are critical to the next level of e-commerce. Our data shows that consumers enjoy the convenience of this new individual automated curbside pickup with our QuickCollect GO! POD,” said Larry Blue, president and CEO of Bell and Howell.